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The jewellery store EPL. Diamonds offers a wide selection of gold jewellery with diamonds for the dearest people whom you love and respect. A limitless selection of the works of the best jewellers will allow you to choose a model for any outfit and occasion. Jewellery is considered to be the most luxurious and pleasant gift, a wonderful way to express your feelings and lavish attention onto your loved ones and colleagues. Tasteful and sophisticated articles of precious metals, adorned with lustrous diamonds, have always been a sign of the high status and impeccable taste of their owner.

We offer our customers exclusive jewellery made by our skilled craftsmen from white and yellow gold with the highest quality diamonds in their price range. The delicate design fascinates and attracts the eye, with the play of light from a cut diamond being able to melt the heart of even the coldest woman. With us, you can choose the ideal wedding gift: we offer wedding and engagement rings and many more products.

Our products are made from high-quality raw materials using the latest precious metal processing and stone grinding technologies, allowing our jewellers to create real works of art.


    Our salon catalogue includes the following products:
  • Rings: delicate and elegant for women, massive and opulent for men
  • Earrings: from small elegant “pins” with diamonds to chic earrings with pendants that can be matched to the ring
  • Pendants: we have a wide selection of pendants, ranging from classic models for everyday use to unusual and eye-catching designs for special occasions

Our store specialists will help you choose a jewellery set that enhances your look for any occasion. The sections of our website provide examples of different profiles and price categories. All our jewellery is made of high fineness gold, recycled using innovative technology. We offer elegantly brilliant and stylish jewellery made of combined gold.

The company EPL Diamond. Diamonds also offers a custom jewellery making service that allows our customers to receive exclusive and elite jewellery that emphasizes the individuality and special style of its owner. Our virtuoso jewellers will create jewellery according to the customer’s sketch in optimum timeframes. You can also make use of our delivery service at any time that you wish.

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